MilwaukeeWe’ve heard other laundromats claim they are the “#1 laundry in Milwaukee”.  Honestly, our Milwaukee laundromat crushes the competition!  5000 square feet and check out the new machines!  Great location for those living in this area or those wanting to find a new laundry facility! This Laundromat is easy to get to either by car or if you need to take a bus. It is located on bus route #63. Similar in layout to the West Allis location, this store has a huge selection of washers, a fun mix of video games and vending machines for the kids!

Here are the newest additions:

  • 10 New top load washers
  • 4   Massive six-load washers
  • 5   Additional seven-load washers
  • 2   Huge eight-load washers
  • 12 Really large dryers

Address: 5595 N. Lovers Lane, Milwaukee WI 53225
Phone: (414) 535-8205
Hours: Monday-Sunday 8AM-10PM
Attendant on duty: Always!

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